The Sierra Mountain Iron Buster
Removes Iron, Manganese & Hardness all in one Pass

The Sierra Mountain Iron Buster is a high flow, high efficiency, high tech water softener which can supply your home or business with ample amounts of the best quality water for cleaning, washing and grooming. But this heavy duty softener does so much more. It also features fine mesh softening resin with its efficient softening and its superior Iron removal qualities; along with a garnet & filter gravel underbed. These features make the IRON BUSTER a very effective iron and manganese filter as well as a very efficient water softener. This tough softener is designed to handle some of the worst problem water. It is an excellent solution for problem waters that have the combined problems of iron, hardness and manganese. Advanced Microprocessor Control This product features the FLECK 56SE computerized control head. This is an advanced water conditioning control that is easy to use. Its touch-pad control buttons allow the 56SE to be programmed to your specific requirements and, once set, it operates automatically. The microprocessor with digital display allows you to see at a glance the status of operation and reserve capacity.

Iron Buster Softener & Brine Tank
The Fleck560SXTDFM Softener Control Head

This softener through it’s memory actually records your family’s daily water use and adjusts its cycling, insuring you a consistent supply of soft water at the minimum of salt and water use.

COMPAIR: Standard features of the 56SE:

The NEW FLECK 560SXTDFM Microprocessor control head with 5 cycles. The length of each cycle is separately adjustable.
Metered demand regeneration. Meters your water use; regenerates only when needed, saving salt and water. (also features day-clock override)
Convenient regeneration time. You may set this softener to regenerate at any time, night or day, which is convenient for you.

Automatic Resin Cleaner

Automatic Resin Cleaning System. Keeps softener running clean. Extends bed life. Aids in iron removal. (Includes one gallon Res-Care Resin Cleaner)
Removes up to 3 mg/L clear water Iron; .35mg/L clear water Manganese & 80 grains/gallon Hardness
10 year warranty on tanks, 5 year on Control Head.. (continued next page)
PUROLITE C-100FM Fine Mesh softening resin for better salt efficiency & better iron removal.
Filter Gravel and Garnet Underbed for better iron removal. Brine tank salt grid. Keeps salt off bottom of brine tank for better brine making.
Brine tank safety float. Prevents overfilling of brine tank.
Bypass valve. Quickly bypasses system, if ever needed.
Large (18″D X 40″H) capacity brine tank. More salt storage, less fillups.
Professional Installation by State Licensed Plumbing Contractor, (CA Lic #422539.) with years of water treatment experience.
Complete system start up. After the plumbing is over, we adjust all the control head settings for maximum salt and water economy customized for your family’s particular water needs, to assure you a constant supply of soft water at minimum of salt use. We include 80 pounds of water conditioning salt.
We sanitize your new equipment before putting it into service.
Clean-out instructions for removing existing scale and iron buildup in your plumbing system.
Can use potassium chloride salt (in stead of sodium chloride) for sodium free operation.


Model Cu. Ft.fine mesh resin Capacity Resin tank Brine tank Cost-INSTALLED COMPLETE*
56 SE-1252 EM 2 62,000 gr 12″Dx 52″H 18″Dx40″H $2650.00

Professional Installation by State Licensed Plumbing Contractor (CA Lic #422539.)

*Madera & Mariposa Counties. Equipment to be installed within 3′ unobstructed from house’s water supply pipes. Excludes weather and freeze protection, 110v. receptacle. Prices subject to change without notice. No health claims made for this product.

These units have been proven on our local water. We have many satisfied customers in Madera and Mariposa Counties. We will be glad to give you names and numbers for references.