Chem-Free Iron Filter

Now with Air Pump, eliminating troublesome venturis

 Get the Iron Out…All the Iron Out

Aeration/Contact tank, Filter tank

Clean, crystal clear, great tasting water. Clothing that’s clean, fresh and stain-free. Dishes and bathroom fixtures that glisten and sparkle. The Chem-Free iron filter eliminates iron from your water and iron problems from your life. It removes manganese and sulfur gas too.

Attention free operation

Once installed, the Chem-Free iron filter requires little attention. No filters to change. It automatically removes ferrous iron, sometimes called “clear water” iron, as well as ferric iron, sometimes called “red water” iron. It also removes bacterial iron, manganese and sulfur gas. It is safe and very economical because it requires none of the expensive or messy chemicals such as chlorine, potassium permanganate or salt which conventional iron filters use. Instead, this filter uses plain air to oxidize the iron and plain water to backwash the filter. There is virtually no limit on the amount of iron this filter can remove. The Chem-Free iron filter is easy and economical to maintain

The Air Pump is a great improvement over venturis or hydrochargers for adding air to Chem-Free Iron removal systems. Venturis greatly reduce the flow rate from your well. When they become clogged with iron, the increased back pressure on your well pump can shut off your water and damage your pump. The Air Pump causes no restriction of your pipes. Another advantage of the air pump is that air is introduced on the outlet side of the pressure tank, which prevents precipitated iron from building up in the pressure system.

Neutralizes acidic water

The Chem-Free iron removal filter’s process raises the pH of the water, improving the efficiency of iron removal. This has the added benefit of neutralizing acidic (corrosive) water.

How does the Chem-Free work?

The Chem-Free works on the principle of “aeration- filtration.” This iron filter features three major components: an air pump, an aeration /contact tank and a backwashable filter containing special media.

The air pump adds a controlled amount of air to the aeration /contact tank, forming an air pocket. As the water falls through the air pocket it absorbs oxygen. The oxygen in the air starts the natural iron removal process by oxidizing the iron and causing it to come out of solution. The iron can then be more easily filtered.

From the aeration /contact tank the water passes into the filter tank which contains a natural mineral media bed. In this bed the water’s pH is raised, greatly accelerating the action of the air on the iron. The ferrous iron is completely oxidized and adheres to the media throughout the filter bed.(not just on the surface) This gives the tank a larger iron holding capacity than conventional iron filters.

When the filter tank begins to fill up with iron particles it automatically backwashes itself, washing the accumulated iron to the drain. The mineral filter bed is now clean and ready to go into service again. This filter backwashes itself with plain water.

Easy Servicing

The Chem-Free only requires servicing every 6 to 12 months, depending on water use and water conditions. All the filter tanks have convenient fill holes for easy replenishing of the media.

Please Compare with other iron filters
Standard Features with our Chem-Free

  • Large 13” x 54” contact/aeration tank, 13″x 54″ Filter Tank
  • Heavy duty air pump for faster air turnover for optimum air pocket and iron oxidation in contact tank
  • Maxi-Vent electronic air vent for certain relief of excess air.
  • Convenient fill hole in Filter tank for easy servicing-No need to remove filter head to service unit.
  • Nickel bypass valve-quickly bypasses system if ever needed
  •  Warrantees:
    • 10 year tanks
    • 5 year control head,
    • 1 year air pump, vent, timer
  • Professional installation and start up by Licensed Plumbing Contractor with years of experience in water conditioning. Taking into account your family’s water use, the Chem-Free is set up for your particular iron, sulfur or manganese problem.
  • The FLECK 2510 automatic filter control head. The control head is the heart of any water conditioning system. The 2510 automatically controls the normal operation and the periodic cleaning of your Chem-Free filter. This heavy duty, high flow rate filter valve is far superior to most “softener type” filter heads used on other iron filters. The 2510 allows you to adjust the length of all backwash cycles independently, as your water conditions indicate. This allows less water use and less out-of -service time. The 2510 also allows higher backwash rates needed to flush stored iron from the filter.

We believe that you will find no better iron filter
at this (or any) price.


Cu. FT.
Filter Tank*
Aeration Tank
Price Installed

CF 1354-DH-AP

2 1/2




This unit requires periodic maintenance. For the average family, this iron filter requires two “service calls” per year. The annual maintenance cost to our residential customers has typically been around $300, if performed by a professional.

* Dome Hole filter tank. Fill hole for easy servicing. All have Fleck 2510 Control head

**Madera & Mariposa Counties. Standard well head installation by California Licensed Plumbing Contractor (#422539). Includes all labor, materials, and freight. Excludes freeze and weather protection, 110v. receptacle.

Home owner to: assure that electric power is connected to this unit; re set filter’s clock after long power outages; assure that well and well pumping system are in good working order and that adequate water flow (7gal/ minute) and water pressure (40psi-60psi) are always available to this water filter. NO health claims made for this product.