PERFORMANCE Acid Neutralizing Filter
Stop your pipes from corroding

Neutralizer tank with Dome Hole for Adding Media
This Acid Neutralizing filter is in wide use in Madera and Mariposa Counties. We will gladly furnish references from our Neutralizer customers upon request.

Low pH or “acid water” can mean big problems for your plumbing pipes and fixtures. The corrosive action of this type of water on your pipes is evident by the telltale bluish- green stains on your sinks or tubs (rust colored stains if you have galvanized iron pipes) These stains are evidence that your water is slowly dissolving the metal in your plumbing pipes.

If this condition is allowed to continue, over time leaks in your plumbing system could develop. If the condition persists over extended periods of time, the pipes will become so thin that they may all have to be replaced.

If you have copper water pipes in your home, this acid water not only will corrode your pipes, but in the process will add copper to your drinking water.

Excess copper in your drinking water can be a health risk.

Copper Stain on Sink

The Solution

All water is naturally acidic and corrosive when it falls to the ground as rain. As it works its way down through the earth to the aquifer where it is drawn up by wells, it usually passes over limestone type rocks which absorb the acid out of the water. If the rain water does not encounter any limestone it remains acidic all the way into your house. This filter supplies the limestone that nature avoided. It naturally absorbs the acid and corrosiveness out of your water without the use of chemicals.

Low Maintenance

This filter needs only minor maintenance. Every 6 to 9 months (depending on water use) the media level in the tank is brought up to its original level. A convenient fill hole in the tank makes this maintenance and easy chore.

Standard when you buy the Neutralizer:

    • Convenient fill hole (Dome Hole) in media tank for easy servicing-No need to remove filter head to service unit.
    • Brass bypass valve-quickly bypasses system if ever needed
    • HYDROTECH’S 10 year tank, 5 year parts warrantee
The Fleck 2510
    • The FLECK 2510 automatic filter control head. (The control head is the heart of any water conditioning system) The 2510 automatically controls the normal operation and the periodic cleaning of you Neutralizing filter. This heavy duty filter valve is far superior to most “softener type” filter heads used on other filters. The 2510 allows you to adjust the length of all backwash cycles independently. It supplies higher service flow rates. It also allows the higher backwash rates needed to flush stored debris from the filter bed.
Neutralizer cross section
  • Professional installation and start up by Licensed Plumbing Contractor with years of experience in water conditioning. Taking into account your family’s water use, the Neutralizer is set up for your particular corrosion problem. The Neutralizer’s performance is tested on your water before it goes into service.

Compare our low prices with other filters of this quality and standard accessories:

Model Number Media Cu.Ft. Tank Size* D” x H” Price Installed**
N1354-2510-DH 2 13 x 54 $2195.00


**Madera & Mariposa Counties. Standard well head installation. Includes all labor, materials, and freight. Excludes freeze and weather protection, 110v. receptacle. * Dome Hole media tank. This tank has easy access fill hole for easy media replenishment. All units have Fleck 2510 Control head.