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Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System

Installed at your Sink - Makes Your water taste great!!

Makes much more water faster than home store units

RO Hydro75
  • First stage - 5 micron particle pre filter. Removes suspended sediment, dirt&grit.
  • Second stage - Powdered Activated carbon block pre-filter. Removes chlorine taste, organic tastes and odors. Does not release "carbon fines" into membrane.
  • Third stage - the Reverse Osmosis membrane. Processes water on the molecular level. Reduces totally dissolved mineral salts. Rated at 75 gallons per day* for fastest recovery and higher flow rate. Compare with Home Store RO's which make around 15-30 gallons per day.
  • Fourth stage - Carbon block post filter. Gives water a sweet taste. Canister style (not in-line) for much higher flow rate and higher capacity filtering.
  • Beautiful Matching Reverse Osmosis Faucets

    Beautiful Matching Reverse Osmosis Faucets

    Makes up to 75 gallons*
    great tasting water per day.

    This unit is innovative in its one piece manifold design, thereby providing a seamless water path with less tubing connections, resulting in much higher flow rate than other RO's. This higher water flow rate is necessary when RO water is piped to Ice makers and water-on-door refrigerators. Far superior in water quality and quantity to Home Store RO's. Includes matching (We match your existing kitchen faucet) decorative long reach, lead free faucet & NSF 3.2gal. storage tank. Has 3/8" tubing (instead of ¼") to storage tank and faucet for higher flow rate. Also has full port ball valve for water supply connection (no needle valve). All Units are bench water tested for leaks. Membranes are pre tested for TDS rejection.
  • Includes installation by State licensed plumber with years of experience installing RO's.

Only $895.00


Professional installation by Licensed Plumbing Contractor
CA State Contractor's Lic #422539

*RO membranes are rated under laboratory temperature & pressure. NO HEALTH CLAIMS ARE MADE FOR THIS RO. This RO requires home's water pressure to be in the 40-60 psi range for optimum operation. This unit requires periodic maintenance. Iron above .3mg/L, manganese above .05 mg/L and hardness above 5 grains/gal could make maintenance necessary more often.

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